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Seller Info - What you should know before selling your property home03.jpgSeller Info - What you should know before selling your property

  1. How to choose the right broker
    • Interview several agencies. Ask specific questions about:
    • Marketing Plans
      • What is their advertising budget in newspaper?
      • Are they multiply listed?
      • Is there a website? If so, will your home be displayed on it?
      • Is there a video taping program?
      • Are there brochures made for properties? If so, where are they displayed?
      • Does the company advertise on the radio?
      • Is there national franchise support? If so, how much of the advertising budget goes out of the area?
      • Is the company affiliated with (the nations premier real estate web system.)
    • Relocation Departments
      • What is their relocation program?
      • Is there a relocation director?
      • How much relocation activity is actually done in Lewis County?
    • Staffing
      • Ask for a company brochure
      • What are the office hours and staff to maintain them?
      • What are the experience levels of the brokers and the agents?
      • Do they use cell phones and/or email to keep in contact?
    • Office Facilities
      • Is the office located in Lewis County? What kind of location do they have?
      • Check out the physical office?
      • Determine whether or not the physical presence on the street and tools available within are substantial enough to provide the greatest exposure and support to marketing your property


    The marketing of your home is not dependent on the number of times your home is advertised in the newspaper. It's the amount of exposure your chosen realty firm has to the public overall. The greater the number of tools within their marketing strategy, the greater the likelihood the public will look to your realty office to find a home. Exposure creates sales.

  2. Determining your asking price
    • You may already know what your property is worth from your knowledge of the neighborhood.
    • Consider having an appraisal. An appraisal is an unbiased opinion of the market value. An appraisal in our area is likely to cost between $275 - $350. An abbreviated form may be offered for less.
    • Otherwise, contact your broker to see some comparable sales information. Here you should be able to see similar property and what they sold for, matching feature for feature.
    • If no comparable sales are available at the given time of your listing, an appraisal is your best bet.
  3. Getting ready to sell/Adding to your home's value
    • Clutter makes the house feel smaller. Remove extra furniture and items not necessary to the functionality of the house.
    • Be super-sensitive about keeping your home neat and clean.
    • Scrape, prime, and paint all flaking painted surfaces, inside and out. Not only does this help your home show better, but such is likely to be a required repair item of an appraiser.
    • Paint surfaces with neutral colors.
    • Replace worn carpeting if possible.
    • When choosing areas to spend "sprucing up dollar" attend to the kitchen and baths. Both are likely to yield the highest returns.
    • Repair any leaky pipes or fittings, broken or missing siding, stairs, door knobs, broken windows, and the like.
    • Keep all pathways clear and open during the winter.
    • Keep lawns and shrubs trimmed in the summer
    • Place hand rail on steps four steps or more. This is a requirement for VA and FHA.
    • If you have a well, have it tested for quality and quantity.
  4. Preparing your home on the day of showing
    • Be sure everything is clean and neat. This can never be overstated.
    • Baking before a showing provides familiar and pleasant aromas, likely to enhance your homes appeal. Other suggestions are; light scented candles, boil water with cinnamon sprinkled in it, or spray with scented room fragrance.
    • Play soft music in the background
    • If possible, leave the home prior to showing. This is especially so, if the agent showing the home has previewed the house. If not, you'd better stay.
    • Put pets out or tend to them
    • Most agents would prefer that you do not walk around with them.
    • Leave out special pictures of your home for others to see
    • Leave a copy of tax receipts and utility bills out to see, if you have not already provided your agent with them.
    • you may wish to include on your application (eg., child support or alimony)

If self employed:

    • Signed copies of tax returns (personal and business) for the last 2 years
    • Year to Date Profit and Loss

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